Employee Benefits-
What are my options?

If you need cost-effective health insurance that you can offer to your employees or organization members and their families, group health insurance is right for you. Talk to us about Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans, level funded health plans, self-funded insurance, and more.

Fully Insured

Small group ACA (affordable care act)

  • Only 2 or more eligible employees working 30 or more hours per week (cannot be married spouses)
  • Requires 50% participation of all eligible employees to enroll
  • Employer must contribute 50% of employee only premium (must meet affordability test of 9.5%)
  • No underwriting
  • Guaranteed issue
  • No Pre-existing conditions
  • 100% paid preventive care on all plans

Level Funded

  • Fully underwritten with employee applications
  • In most cases, rates lower than traditional ACA plans with select carriers
  • Potential claims refund after contract period
  • ONLY need 5 Full Time employees
  • More carrier options

Premier One

Benefits the Employer

  • Opportunity to offer a fully insured insurance plan to employees
  • Employer sets contribution amounts
  • Once convenient monthly invoice
  • Employee payroll deduction same as group plans
  • Modest administration fees
  • No Cobra
  • No Participation requirements
  • Employees select their own fully insured ACA healthcare plan based on their individual healthcare needs
  • Many employees are eligible for subsidy premium taxcredits and cost sharing benefits
  • Family members can not be denied for pre-existing conditions
  • Plan premiums are funded by the employer with pre-tax contributions and/or the employee through convenient payroll deduction

(HRA) Health Reimbursement Arrangement

  • Maximizes employee healthcare benefits
  • Works for employers not offering group health plans
  • Enhanced benefit for employers offering group plans
  • Provides tax savings for employers
  • Business determines eligibility and rules
  • Employees incur expenses and submit claims
  • Business reimburses employee tax-free for approved expenses

MEC Plan (Minimal Essential Coverage)

MEC plans generally cover preventive and wellness-related tests and treatments. While they meet certain requirements outlined under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ERISA, they are not what most think of as traditional health insurance