Proud to be a Veteran-Owned Business

Proud to be a veteran-owned business


Providing comprehensive information and enrollment options for various lines of insurance services


Providing comprehensive information and enrollment options for various lines of insurance services

Affordable Insurance Options From Multiple Companies

Life changes can happen in an instant. Getting insurance will help you feel confident about the future. However, picking the right insurance product can be a challenge without proper guidance. This is where PMG Agency comes in. As we are contracted with multiple insurance companies, we are capable of providing you with a plan that meets your needs.

Mission Statement

We are an independent insurance agency located in Fort Wayne, IN that strives to offer competitive and affordable insurance options through multiple insurance companies.

What We Do

Our company provides free advice to assist you in finding the best options that suit your current and future needs. We have comprehensive knowledge of virtually all insurance products, including:

Words From Our Customers

“I have been so upset with the pricing of Health Care lately and it’s only gotten worse and will continue to be way too high for what you actually do get. I knew that my Insurance carrier was increasing with our renewal date coming up in July, so I “googled”

Insurance Agents in our area and PMG was the first one to pop up.

I sent an e-mail. Not expecting to hear back anytime soon and to my surprise- within an hour, I received a call. Tom said he was traveling and we would get together next week, however, he thanked me for the inquiry and we chatted a bit about what I was looking for in Insurance. I hung up thinking “hmmm- this may be a lead”

The next week Tom called me, we discussed at length what I was looking for and we sent in our information and he did come up with a carrier that is quite a bit lower than what we did have.

Cari was quick, efficient and kind when gathering our information. I was impressed with the on-line application. Very impressed with the price…….now to the guardedly optimistic part…..we shall see how this works when we need to use our insurance.

The agency- PMG- two thumbs up- everyone was kind and helpful. I’m sure if we have any problems, Tom and his group will be there to help us through. That means so very much.”

I would recommend PMG Agency to others!”

Sandy Appleton, Shrock’s Dri-Gas

“We own our business but I was working at another business just for the health care, our business has really taken off and we needed for me to stay home and work here due to volume. Health care is a big issue. I got online and sent out a few emails requesting info on health care. Tom answered me. I had several others answer me but Tom called, answered numerous questions, and didn’t try to “sell” me something but was very willing to help with all my needs. He did this all in a very timely manner. Within no time at all, he had found us small business health insurance that was affordable and comparable to what we had.

We went with PMG because of Tom. His attentiveness to our needs made all the difference. The personal service we received is what sold us on PMG. Nobody wants to shop for health insurance, but Tom made it easy on our end. He did all the heavy lifting and explained everything.

I would highly recommend PMG just because of the wonderful service we have received with Tom.

Thank you PMG and Thank you TOM!”

Sheila Fonken

“Today, my wife & I met with Karen and Scott of the PMG Agency to discuss getting signed up for Medicare. It sure made it easier for us to make up our minds about this important part of life. I highly recommend this agency to help with insurance needs. It sure helped us.”

Mark Alexander

“Tom, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the professional service you and your organization exhibit. As you know I have a small business and in the past the insurance reps always wanted to put us in a standard policy and not consider the special needs we have. Thank you for making sure the policies reflected the needs of my business. You definitely listen to me and respond to my question Thanks,” 

John-Pak Mail, Fort Wayne, IN

“I think they do an awesome job. They shop the best rates possible and give you a lot of options. Very professional and friendly service.”

Keith Kohaut

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