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Make sure your Agent’s name and NPN number stays on your application when you update your application for the upcoming plan year.

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What does this mean to you?  It is the only time of year that an individual may change carriers and plan designs unless a person qualifies for a Special Enrollment Period during the year.

Marketplace Notices:

In advance of the Open Enrollment period, the Marketplace will send a Marketplace Open Enrollment Notice to current enrollees who do not have a future termination transaction on file. This notice describes the annual redetermination and re-enrollment process, discusses the requirement to report to the Marketplace changes to information that affect eligibility, and reminds consumers of key dates and instructions for ensuring coverage that will be effective January 1 of the following year.

During the Open Enrollment period, current enrollees should contact the Marketplace and update their eligibility information to ensure they receive the accurate amount of financial assistance and either select the same QHP (if available) or select a new plan. Enrollees who proactively update their application information will receive an updated eligibility determination.   In order for this updated eligibility determination to be sent to the issuer for the enrollee’s selected QHP (qualified health plan), the enrollee MUST confirm plan selection in either the same plan or a new plan.   If the enrollee does not make this active selection, the Marketplace will establish the enrollees’ eligibility for financial assistance using rules outlined.

Consumers who DO NOT contact the Marketplace to update their eligibility information and select a plan by the deadline to select coverage effective January 1 of the following year are automatically re-enrolled into coverage for the following year.   

Options to update your Marketplace Application:

   *Login to with your username and password.   Don’t have an account you can create  an account at

   *Call the Marketplace to update over the phone 800-318-2596

   *Call PMG Agency and talk with an Advisor and/or your agent 260-755-3585


*Just a reminder that we are contracted with all Medicare Companies if you are becoming Medicare Eligible.

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