Individual Exchange 70% of all employees will qualify for Government Subsidy

Example 1: Silver Plan
Family of six (6), household income of $55,000
* Current monthly group premium $1,328
* MarketPlace exchange monthly premium $213 [/one_half]

Example 2: Silver Plan
Family of four (4), househould income of $93,999
* Current monthly group premium $1,445
* MarketPlace exchange monthly premium $726

Small businesses usually start with big ideas, which are generally the vision of the founder or management team of the business.  To turn those ideas into reality, a motivated employee base is necessary.  To recruit and retain the very best employees in today’s marketplace, you must offer a competitive employee benefits package that offers affordable health insurance.

Grandmother Status

New guidance from the federal government about Affordable Care Act (ACA health care reform law) allows small groups to keep their current plan for another year.  Do you qualify?

Obama Care ACA – compatible Plan

All ACA taxes and community rating will be applied most often unfavorable, average group renewal rate increase of 39%. Groups that are younger, male demographic may see 100% increase and groups that are primarily woman may see low renewal rates.

Association Trust

The trust is a non-for-profit entity, existing solely to enable members to purchase group insurance.  The Trust offers all members the buying power of one of the largest trade associations in the state.  No community rating and less ACA taxes.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO’s)

Be part of 14,000 employee group with no community rating and less ACA taxes.  Outsourcing has had average annual health insurance rate increases that are substantially lower than the industry average.

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