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PMG using Formfire Logo PMG has partnered with Formfire to make the process of applying for medical coverage easier than ever! As a service to our clients, as well as prospective clients, we offer a paperless underwriting application form provided online through Formfire. Employees just enter their medical information one time, and the information is filtered out to the applications of all major insurance carriers.  When the next renewal approaches our clients simply update their online information.

 FormFire: A Smarter Way Than Paper.

The time to do FormFire is less than doing one traditional round of paper health benefit applications.

The average time for a single benefits applicant to complete FormFire is 12 minutes- with around 4 additional minutes for each dependent.


 Lightening The Paperwork & Easing The Burden Of Finding Right Rate.

Filling out medical benefits application paperwork is a job nobody likes, but now
there’s FormFire: an option that is safer and less time consuming than traditional
health benefits applications.
FormFire’s unique online interview not only lets people spend less time submitting
details, but “smart” technology creates a customized process just for
them—only requiring information relevant to their personal situation.

FormFire’s “One-To-Many” Form Technology.
If filling in one paper form is a chore, imagine filling in five, six, or even ten.
That’s what it might take to properly apply to the whole benefits market for confirmed
price rates. FormFire makes filling out multiple applications a thing of the
past. Its unique approach means that with one online process, all relevant applications
can be produced for each and every individual.

Renewals…? Easy—5 Minutes And You’re Done.
The FormFire service stores all the information entered by each applicant in a
HIPAA compliant personal and private account. This means, at a policy renewal
or on a search for a new provider, all information is available again—only
requiring individuals to review, update and sign-off their account. Most people
are done in less than 5 minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FormFire?

FormFire is the digital standard for transacting medical insurance business. Whether mapping directly to carrier applications, sending a data stream, or digitally underwriting in real-time, FormFire ensures employees never need to complete another paper application again.

Is FormFire secure?

FormFire is extremely secure – as secure as any online banking system, at the least. We perform daily scans to check for known vulnerabilities, as well as regular third party security auditing. Furthermore, your data is stored in our SAS 70-compliant, secure datacenter.

Is my data private?

Yes. FormFire actually provides more privacy than standard paper applications. Only you, your broker, and the underwriters will see your data. Even your employer will not have access to your personal data.

Who owns my data?

You, the employee, own your data and ultimately determine how and by whom that data is used. Your data can be processed by any FormFire enabled broker or employer. In fact, if you switch employers, brokers, or medical carriers, your FormFire account and data will go with you.
If you move to a new employer or carrier that is not FormFire Enabled, please ask them to contact sales for more information about joining the FormFire Network.

How is my data used?

Currently all data is used specifically for applying for employee medical coverage. As new providers are added to the FormFire Network, you’ll continue to maintain control of your data.
We will NEVER sell or share your data! For more information, please review their privacy policy.

How much does FormFire cost?
FormFire is free for employees and employers. If you are a broker or carrier interested in joining the FormFire Network, please contact their sales support.

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