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Federal Exchange

Healthcare Reform requires every state to offer an exchange to its residents. That is where the Federal Exchange comes in. Federal exchanges are available for use by individuals, and small group employers.
To simplify the process, health plans on a federal exchange will be labeled:
• Platinum
• Gold
• Silver
• Bronze
The levels will help shoppers understand the level of coverage a plan offers including; how much they will need to pay and what the plan covers.

Private Exchange

If you do not qualify for a subsidy or advanced tax credit- the private exchange offers a solution for you. Private exchanges are not part of the Affordable Care Act. They are created by private sector companies such as PMG Agency.
For employers who are trying to keep the cost of offering health benefits manageable, private exchanges offer a great solution.
Employers can give their employees a set amount of money and then direct them to a private exchange. There, they can shop for a health plan and other benefits, like dental, based on what the employer has selected as options.

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